Zenoss is a powerful monitoring system packed with bells and whistles straight out of the box. But it lacks an obvious feature that anyone with a large network will miss: wake-on-LAN.

Who is this guide for?

  • You’ve already gone through the trouble of installing and configuring Zenoss.

  • You’ve got loads of hardware on your network with Wake-on-LAN enabled

    WOL Bios WOL Mac

  • There’s a machine on your network that you really want powered on but isn’t. It’s really far away, you’re feeling lazy and it’s cold outside.

    WOL machine down

What can be done?

  1. Select the target machine(s) then choose ‘wakeonlan’ from the Commands dropdown.

    WOL machine down

  2. Watch in amazement as the magic packet is sent on its way.

    WOL machine down

  3. Verify the machine actually started.

    WOL machine down

Amazing. Now how can I do this for myself?

  1. Install the wakeonlan command-line utility on all of your Zenoss collector hosts

    WOL install wakeonlan command

    • note: users of Windows, CentOS and OS X are left to deal with their poor life choices on their own
  2. Add a new command to Zenoss named ‘wakeon’

    WOL zenoss new command WOL zenoss name command

  3. Configure this new command. Name it however you wish but you must define the command as: wakeonlan ${device/getDeviceMacaddress}

    WOL zenoss name command

Hopefully this gets you up onto your feet using wakeonlan with Zenoss. If you need more help or have any suggestions how this document can be improved, please leave feedback using the link below.


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